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Age: 25
Name: Natonya Janee' Lambert
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Data Management
Favorite Poet: There are many some even close friends but if I had to choose from someone "famous" it would have to be Maya Angelou because of Phenominal Woman.






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Natonya Janee' Lambert was born Sept 16th 1981 at Hannaman hospital in Philadelphia PA. Natonya is also known as Tony, Tonya, and Nate to her close friends and family. She was raised in Willingboro NJ, a small city/suburb in south Jersey. She was brought up in a loving home with her two parents, one brother, and one sister. Her pride and joy has been and will always be within her family.

Natonya has been very active throughout her life. Some of her activities included dance (13 years plus) and Track & Field (7 years). She recently began dancing again for Afro One dance and Drama Studio where her study is in West African dance. She also attends Altrium dance studio for belly dancing. Natonya went to Hampton University right out of high school. After overcoming several obstacles, she obtained a degree in business management. In college, she joined the NAACP and has been a member ever since.

Natonya Lambert always had a love for the arts. She has always enjoyed the theater, black art, dance, and poetry. Though she always loved to read poetry and listen to spoken word, Natonya did not begin to really write until she was in college. She always had difficulty expressing herself verbally so she began to write. Now she feels that the heart of her soul is in her poetry.

To understand her, you must understand her words. It is her release on the world. It is her healing and hopefully her words will heal others.


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"Someone was hurt before you; wronged before you; hungry before you; frightened before you; beaten before you; humiliated before you; raped before you; yet, someone survived."

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